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Laser Bright offers a high quality teeth whitening service with our highly trained technicians there is nothing to worry about. We ensure only the best. Our Teeth whitening procedure is completely safe and pain free.

Whitening Process

We offer a fair trade price. The cost for our teeth whitening procedure is £99 per 1 hour session. This will provide you with:

  • The very best lasers being used
  • We use a non-peroxide legal gel, which means it is completely safe.
  • For longer lasting whiteness we sell whitening pens
  • A more confident you

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Treatment Process

Your smile is one of the primary factors that create the very important first impression. It is an indicator of how healthy your teeth are. If you have a warm and friendly smile with glowing white teeth, you will definitely be having an experience no matter what the circumstances.

That's why at Laser Bright our main priority is what you want. Below is the process explained thoroughly:

The Procedure

  1. Our trained staff will insert a retractor into your mouth, this will allow the mouth to stay open during the process.
  2. A vitamin E teeth moisturiser and gum protector will be applied to ensure the upmost safety to your teeth and gums.
  3. Soon after the non-peroxide gel will be applied evenly to your teeth and the bleaching process will be enhanced and accelerated with a LED laser lamp. This process is called oxidisation which will remove stains and whiten your teeth.
  4. It is done in three 15 minute intervals, the whole process will take up to 45-60 minutes and you will see guaranteed results.
  5. Everything is safe and painless.

A few more details about the treatment

In total the teeth whitening procedure will take 1 hour, and you will have 3 x 15 / 20 minutes sessions with breaks in between. This is exactly how you know you are in good hands, as the fast whitening systems that promise results within 15 minutes do not work.

After Care

It is important that you follow a special diet immediately after the teeth whitening treatment, and also for 48 hours later. This is also known as the white diet.

This means that any drinks or foods containing colour should be avoided. White foods and clear fluids should only be consumed within the stated timeframe. This is necessary as the teeth will be more susceptible to discolouration after being through the process of having stains removed.

Things to avoid


Coloured fluids such as wines, cordials etc

Green vegetables



Coloured mouthwash

Non white toothpaste

If you want the brightest smile for your party or wedding, we offer amazingly cheap prices for more than 1 person and beyond.

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